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What is logarithms, what is magic here ?

We encounter daily in our reading, while reading about complexity of any program, that is measured in terms of notations Like BIG OH, BIG OMEGA, and THEETA Notations.

We encounter in many of case that some kind of programs having complexity of some logarithms form.

We would like to explain today, what is logarithms exactly, what they represents, what they actually mean of it.

“A logarithm is the power to which a number must be raised in order to get some other number.”


let’s see it by example.

log 100 = 2  , consider base 10 for log

Type of logarithms —

1- Base ten logarithms

log 1000 = 3

pow(10, 3) = 1000

2- Natural logarithms —

log 1000 = 3

pow(10,3) = 1000


Negative Logarithms
− Negative? But logarithms deal with multiplying.
What is the opposite of multiplying? Dividing!

e.g. log8(0.125) … ?

1 ÷ 8 = 0.125,

log8(0.125) = −1


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Google AdWords

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Suppose you have a very popular blog which is read by thousands every day but you do not earn revenue from them. The most obvious way of earning revenue would be to place ads on your website. But how do you convince advertisers to place their ads on your website? How would you deliver exact data which advertisers are so particular about?

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