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What is design pattern and benefits of adopting it.

A design pattern comes in to picture, when you are designing a project that may come with vital changes(An obious nature of software projects) in your flow depending on customers needs.

Sometimes it’s easy a add a new feature in your application, and some time it becomes difficult due to its impact on the system to add a new feature changes, although it may be too small from a users point of view.

So main use of design pattern comes to picture in identifying how you will be designing your application of a specific domain, so that it can adopt changes(means to add a new features easily from programming point of view) easily to your application, without affecting previous functionalities.

So What comes main things while designing a software from a software architect point of view.

1- Identifying objects and there interactions.

2- How frequent the behavior is going to be changed for an object in your application.

3- How a new object may come in to picture (probably adding a new feature)

4- How it will be serving to end users(speed, accuracy, user traffic load etc.).


Above described parameters may help to any software architect/programmer to design a system that can easily incorporate changes as well.

It may look some time that a particular practice is not being followed in your project scenarios, that is ok, sometimes its your design patterns need, as your project design pattern have to be focused mainly on how well it can adopt changes as well as how it will be serving to end users.